"Worth is inherent. You… As an extension of source energy are born and die with the same amount of worth and the same inherent potential which can not be added to or taken away from.

”..none of us need to justify ourselves or our lives to anyone…not even to ourselves.

”..YOU are ENOUGH.”

Kryon DNA map

Kryon DNA map

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Track Title: 2012: the Ride of a Lifetime

Artist: Pleiadians (podcast)

Pleiadian podcast — 2012: the Ride of a Lifetime (source)

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"Every Soul determines which of the multitude of frequencies they will respond to via their Energetic Signature. In doing so, they either create their personal heaven on Earth or their private hell."
— Archangel Michael

Who Are the Founders?

The Founders are 12th dimensional Creator Gods who were involved in the original engineering of human DNA. Their central teaching is that we are all 12-dimensional beings capable of evolving to the point where we can create entire universes. As God’s children, we are being taught how to create like our Heavenly Parents. This world (and countless others) is our scratch pad where we learn about karma, free will, love and other principles of Creation. At this pivotal time in human history, the founders are revealing information about evolution, DNA, soul fragmentation, higher dimensions, Earth changes, ascension and many more relevant topics. (http://www.salrachele.com/index.htm)